EYFS Home Learning- 06.07.20 ‘Lucy and Tom at the Seaside’

The summer holidays are almost here and hopefully we will be seeing some more sunny weather soon.  To get us in the holiday spirit, we would like you to share the story of ‘Lucy and Tom at the Seaside’, this week.   You can watch it on Espresso.  Just type the book title into the search box.  Alternatively you can also watch the version below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAzz_vMO1I8

Writing Ideas:

Have you ever written our recieved a postcard?  Can you write a postcard imagining that you are on a seaside holiday.  Who will you send it to?  What activities might you do at the seaside that you could write about?


What might you see, hear, taste, small and feel at the seaside?  Can you write some sentences?

Example:  I can hear the waves crashing.  I can taste a lolly.  The sea feels cold.


Maths Ideas:

This week at school we are revising writing numbers.  Can you have a go at writing some numbers.  You could write them on a tray of sand or salt, with chalks or on paper.  You could try some of the activities in this seaside maths activity book.


Topic Ideas:

  • Can you learn about sinking and floating?  You could test different objects while in the bath to test if they sink or float.
  • Can you make your own junk model boat?  Does it float?  Can you add a sail and blow it to make it go?
  • Can you make your own ice lollies or ice-cream.  Tinned fruit makes delicious lollies.  If you don’t have any lolly moulds just use a plastic cup.  Try out the ice-cream recipe below.
  • Next time you go to the beach can you build a sandcastle?  Can you make some model flags for your sandcastle?
  • Can you make a beach picture with collage, paint or real beach objects like the one in the story?
  • Can you write your name in some sand or salt like the children in the story did? .
  • ice cream


Watch the daily Read Write Inc lessons online and then complete the reading and letter formation activity sheet that goes with each lesson.  Click on the link below.


From 1st June:

All lessons will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

The Read Write Inc Lesson schedule for the next few weeks can be found here:


Accompanying activities, worksheets and speed sound books can be found here as well as home reading books and free Read Write Inc E-books.


We hope you enjoy trying out some of these ideas this week. We would like to see your photos on Tapestry, or you can email us at: [email protected].

Stay Safe,

Miss Bradshaw, Miss Hawley and Miss Nelson


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