Year 3 Home Learning- Week 15

It has been a lovely week here at Harlow Green with even more faces returning to the classroom. There has been a real buzz in the air and the children have really enjoyed catching up with each other.

We have spent our week learning about magnets in science and completed a scrapyard challenge. This involved separating magnetic and non magnetic materials. In art, we used pastels to produce images in the style of Ken Done and created some stunning representations of the Tyne Bridge.  The children really enjoyed using their imaginations and vibrant colours to create unique pieces. During English, we have written some fantastic newspaper reports about Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. We’ve had some really catchy headlines like “Wicked Wolf Gobbles Granny” and “Jack the Giant Slayer.” During maths, we have been telling the time and learning Roman numerals.  It has been a very busy week!

Once again, we are very grateful for all your emails and photographs. It is lovely for us to still keep in contact with those not in school. We’ve read some wonderful newspaper reports and you’ve all tried really hard with the time challenges. Some of you have been very creative with your learning. This has included opening a sweet shop, leaf hunting in the woods, measuring capacity in the paddling pool….great fun!

Stay safe and please keep in touch!



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