Year 2 Home Learning – Week 15

It has been 15 weeks since we were all together in school and we can’t believe we haven’t seen some of you since March! We feel like the time has both flown by but also that it was ages ago. We’ve made it to July and there is just 2 weeks left for you in Year 2! We miss having you all in school but continue to be amazed by your hard work and resilient attitudes at home.

This week, we have had some wonderful ends to the Runaway Iceberg story. We have seen all sorts of creatures help the penguins, including whales, sharks, dolphins, fish and many more! It’s great to see your imaginations create wonderful endings. We have also had lots of fun learning about position and direction and we will continue to practise our left and right knowledge to make sure we are completely confident with it.

In school, we have continued learning about our local landmarks. Last week, we created fact files and this week we designed and created one landmark using art straws on black paper (see if you can work out which local landmarks we created in the photos below!). We also evaluated our work, explaining our favourite part of our creation and what we’d improve next time. We’ve continued to complete a Joe Wicks workout (which still makes us ache the next day!) and we have been completing our daily mile too.

It looks like we are all working hard on Mathletics and Lexia and many more certificates have been earned. We have had 3 new silver certificates and 16 new bronze certificated on Mathletics and 8 new Lexia certificates this week. Well done to all of you who are continuing to work hard on these apps!

We will be posting our Maths and English post on Monday as normal. We look forward to your hard work being emailed to us at [email protected]. We hope you continue to show us and your family the wonderful work you can produce.



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