Year 4 Home Learning – Week 14

We hope you have all had another great week at home staying safe, having fun with your families and enjoying your home learning activities. We have also been very busy in school this week as we welcomed more year 4 children back into their classrooms. It has been fantastic to see so many of you again and to hear your news from home.

Thanks again for sending us your messages and photos from home  – as usual, you have all been very busy and working hard. Well done for the excellent maths work you have completed on Time, and the beautiful poems you have written about the seaside. We have also received fantastic topic work including a map of the UK and a play area design. As the warm weather continues, many of you have continued to enjoy activities outdoors, such as fishing, cycling, frisbee, football and taking a cooling dip in a river. The budding chefs and artists amongst you are also still producing some amazing creations!

The children in school have also been enjoying many of the topic activities that you have been doing at home. They had great fun making their own wormeries so that they can observe how worms burrow in the soil. The highlight was finding the worms and holding onto them long enough to get them into their temporary new homes! After studying local landmarks using Google Earth, the children sketched the Angel of the North using different types of medium, such as pencil, charcoal, pastels and chalk. They then looked at the work of famous North East artist Norman Cornish, and recreated their pictures in the style of his work. We have also enjoyed getting to know about each others families, and talking about them in French. The children then created their own family trees, including pets, and wrote about them in French.

We all hope that you continue to stay safe, have lots of fun and enjoy your home learning. Please keep sending us your messages and pictures – it means a lot to us!

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