Year 1 Home Learning – Week 14

Abracadabra!  What a magical week of home learning Year One have enjoyed this week.  Many of you loved reading the Magical Muddle story and have embraced their inner witch or wizard  to create scary spells and powerful potions.  Some of you have enjoyed dressing up in spooky outfits and some have even braved a magical broomstick ride across their garden. Whoosh!  There has also been an amazing response to our maths activities and you have been going fraction crazy – halving and quartering everything in sight.  We have also seen many other creative activities this week – cave paintings, baking, making maps and we even have a budding rock star amongst us!  Keep up this amazing learning.

We have also had a busy week in school.  All of the boys and girls are happy to be back but also miss all of their friends.  This week we have been talking about our feelings in class.  Some of the children have felt anxious about the coronavirus so we have made worry monsters to gobble up all of our anxieties and worries.  We have also talked about all of the things that make us happy.

The teachers have also been busy this week.  Mrs Lewis has created a new rockery in her garden whilst  Miss Norman has been enjoying the blazing hot sunshine and relaxing in her garden.  Mrs Gillender has been keeping fit with her daughters by playing on her Nintendo Switch.  Finally Mrs Hopkins and her family have been strawberry picking and she also celebrated her birthday.

Thank you for sending in all of your photos and emails.  We love hearing from you.  Keep on sending them in for the final weeks of term.  Don’t forget to check out the new Home Learning activities for Maths and English on Monday.

Keep on smiling and have a wonderful weekend.

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