Year 4 Home Learning – Week 13

Welcome to the end of your thirteenth week of home learning! We are all very proud of how hard you have been working, and pleased to see the wonderful variety of activities you are doing at home to keep yourselves busy. Of course, we will be seeing many of you in school on Wednesday next week as we welcome back over twenty of you. We can’t wait to have our classrooms full of your smiling faces and excitement at being with some of your friends  again!

Well done to those of you who shared your fantastic biographies with us. We are really impressed with the amount of effort and time you have obviously put into them. We hope you enjoyed learning about the trees in your local area by collecting and identify leaves and doing bark rubbings. In school this week, the children loved exploring the plants and animals in the school grounds. They also had great fun shaking insects from the trees and bushes onto a large white sheet, and examining them with magnifying glasses.

Thank you for sharing your creativity this week, which included drawing, sewing and preparing a delicious Greek salad. In school, the children made and cooked their own flat-breads, and ate them with feta cheese and olives. The feta cheese was a hit, but the olives definitely weren’t as popular.  We also have a budding hairdresser in year 4 who obviously has a very brave and trusting dad. Finally, a huge congratulations to the proud owners of a brand new puppy – this will certainly keep them busy for the next few weeks!

We hope you continue to enjoy the home learning tasks, and keep up the fantastic work.


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