Feel Good Friday – It’s Coming Home, Football’s Coming Home!

For some it will be hugely welcomed whilst for others maybe less so but, whatever your opinion, our national sport is back!

This is the longest period that football has been suspended for since the Second World War – at which point Blackpool were top of the league!  Now it has returned, the much missed entertainment has brought back the usual smiles and frustrations associated with supporting a team with your heart and soul.

Already, in less than a week, we’ve had controversy with technology failing to give an obvious goal, early injuries, a dull no-score draw and Manchester City thumping a poor looking Arsenal.  However, the important aspect is that the return of the Premier League has ensured thousands of people have rejoiced in overwhelming happiness.  Having something so fundamental to our society come back allows us to enjoy a couple of hours of sporting excellence and gives so many something to simply feel good about.

To allow such a spectator-based sport to start again has had to be planned meticulously whilst understanding that some compromises have to be accepted by all.  These changes will, hopefully, be for a short period – specifically the issue of supporters at grounds – although other changes, like free-to-air matches, would be welcomed as a permanent fixture.

Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not, the return of football is part of a slow but steady return to normality which we must all be thankful for.  At the very least, this might provide a focus for more positive items to watch on the news on a daily basis.

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