Year 2 Weekly English and Maths – 15/06/2020


In English, we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text.

Text – Letter

Letter to Rabbit


Comprehension questions

Comprehension answers

Grammar Focus

Your grammar focus this week is using co-ordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) to join two clauses together. Go through the PowerPoint, then complete both work sheets. Remember, co-ordinating conjunctions needs to connect two clauses that both make sense on their own (e.g. The boy wanted an ice-cream but his mother told him it was nearly dinner time.).

Co-ordinating Conjunctions PPT

Co-ordinating Conjunctions Activity Sheet

Missing Clause Activity Sheet

Grammar Answers

Writing Task

Your task is to write a letter to your class. In your letter you are going to describe your lock down experiences (look below on how to structure it).

Then email us your letters at [email protected] so we can upload them to the website on Friday for your friends to read! (Please don’t put your real address or full name on the letter or else we cannot upload it to the website!)

What I’m Looking For:

  • Date and Dear Year 2
  • An introductory paragraph/sentence explain what your letter is about
  • What you have been getting up to (include your favourite activities!)
  • How you’ve felt during lock down (and what’s helped you feel better if possible!)
  • What you’re looking forward to doing after lock down
  • Ask some questions you’d like to find out about your classmates
  • From ____________
  • Co-ordinating conjunctions (and, but, or)

Resources to help:

Letter Example

Letter plan

Reading and Phonics

Children should spend 20 minutes at least three times per week using Lexia or Reading Plus.

Some children should take part in daily phonics from Ruth Miskin (this may be good for a recap of their phonics knowledge!)


In Maths, we will spend the week focusing on a particular topic e.g. shape or place value. Activities will then be set on Mathletics that are based upon this subject.

Topic – Fractions

This week we will be recapping our learning about fractions. We will look at unit and non-unit fractions, finding a half and finding a quarter. Each day, work through the PowerPoint and then complete the activities.

Resources to help:

Teaching for the whole week: Week 2 Maths Fractions

Additional activities

Monday: Unit Fractions Activity Monday

Tuesday: Non Unit Fractions Activity Tuesday

Wednesday: Finding Half Activity Wednesday

Thursday: Finding Quarter Activity Thursday

Friday: On the PowerPoint, there are lots of discussion word problems. Work through these with an adult verbally. Try to explain your reasoning by using ‘because’.

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