Year 4 Home Learning – Week 12

Welcome to the end of our twelfth week of home learning. As ever, we are grateful to those of you who are sending us your messages and photos from home – we really enjoy keeping in touch with you all. We have also been much busier in school this week as we have welcomed more children into our classrooms and returned to work full time. We hope that you have enjoyed the new home learning activities that we provided for you. The children in school have been following the same programme and have been really enthusiastic about their work.

In addition to learning about Ancient Greek mythology in school, we have been looking at some of the historical landmarks in Athens in Greece, and learning about their importance in Ancient Greek times. If any of you are particularly interested in this area of history, the British Museum website is a great resource to use. We will also be making some Greek food in school, and it might be something you could try at home if you are looking for inspiration for your next baking project.

Well done to the many of you who completed the weekly English task and wrote your own Greek myths – they were fantastic! Thank you also for the pictures of your maths work, and more amazing baking and sewing creations. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great this week so some of you have dug out your lego and been very creative. Others however, have taken advantage of the brief gaps in the rain showers and moments of sunshine to continue your gardening, with what is looking like a very closely contested sunflower competition. We can’t wait to see who will be the winner!

We hope you enjoy our home learning activities for next week, and look forward to seeing pictures of all your hard work and the fun activities you do.


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