Year 5 Weekly English and Maths – 08/06/2020


In English, we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text.

Text – Biography: Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom reading comprehension


Captain Tom questions

Captain Tom answers

Grammar focus – parenthesis

In your biography, you may want to add extra information to a sentence. You can use parenthesis for this (in either brackets, dashes or commas). The sentence MUST make sense if you were to remove the parenthesis. Try to avoid using just one of the three options – it’ll keep your work interesting!

Parenthesis powerpoint

Parenthesis worksheet

Writing task

Write a biography. It could be about someone famous, someone in your family, or just someone you know a lot about! A biography is a non-fiction text, so the information included should be factual.

What I’m Looking For:

  • An introductory paragraph briefly outlining the life of the person you are writing about
  • Subheadings for different stages of their life (eg. Early Life, Education, Family Life, Work, etc). These should be in chronological order
  • Specific facts about the person
  • Parenthesis to add extra information
  • Writing should be in the past tense, and the third person

Resources to help:

Biography interview

Biography annotated example

Parenthesis explanation


Children should spend 20 minutes at least three times per week using Reading Plus.


In maths, we will spend the week focussing on a particular topic, eg. shape or place value. Activities will then be set on Mathletics that are based upon this subject.

Topic – Decimals

Adding and subtracting decimal numbers (both within and bridging 1), and multiplying and diving decimals by powers of 10,

Resources to help:

Adding and subtracting decimals within 1

Adding decimals crossing the whole

Multiply and divide by powers of 10

Additional activities:

Adding decimals within 1 questions

Subtracting decimals within 1 questions

Adding decimals crossing the whole questions

Multiplying by powers of 10 questions

Dividing by powers of 10 questions

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