Supporting Children Returning to School

As we work in a controlled and strategic way to support a greater number of children returning, we know that the transition for our pupils will be very important.

Once it has been agreed that your child is returning, you will be provided with information to clarify the processes and procedures (through the post).  One of the aspects required will be for you to talk to your child about the changes in school and the need to follow the new expectations.

To help you with this, we have provided a presentation with summary details which can be used in whatever age-appropriate manner is applicable for each child .   There are photographs within the presentation which shows what school now looks like so that children can see the differences.

We very much appreciate your support in this so that your child can return with as little concern as possible.

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Brilliant, thanks Harlow Green perfect tone for the children.

What a fantastic presentation for everyone. Thank you Harlow Green

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