Year 5 Home Learning – Week 11

Another week of home learning is complete, the first of the last half term of this academic year. Time really does seem to be flying by.

Once again, we are really pleased to see the children working hard on Reading Plus, Mathletics and TT Rockstars.  This week several children in year 5 have moved up a level on reading plus, very well done to them. Also, well done to those children who completed this week’s writing task.  Reading the children’s arguments on whether families should be allowed to go to the beach was very thought provoking. There was a very wide range of opinions.

There have also been some lovely arts and crafts going on and lots of fun activities in your gardens and local area. Of course, weather permitting, this time of year is lovely to be outside. It was wonderful to see one of the year 5 children involved with hiding wooden objects in the area for other children to find.

The year 5 staff continue to keep themselves busy. Keeping with the outdoor theme, Miss Alexander enjoyed a long walk from St. Mary’s Lighthouse to Tynemouth and back. Mrs Dale has been renovating her garden with her family and has removed their playhouse and painted their fence. Mrs Jennings has been enjoying the sun with her family. The paddling pool her daughter received for her birthday has been well splashed in!

For those of you who will be coming back into school next week, we look forward to seeing you again, and those of you who will be at home, please keep your emails and photos coming in to us at [email protected].

We miss you all.

Stay safe and keep smiling.

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