Year 4 Home Learning – Week 11

Unbelievably, we are now at the end of our eleventh week of home learning and the first week of the final summer half term. Where has the time gone? It seems that time flies when you keep yourselves as busy and have as much fun as you are all continuing to do. We hope you all had a fantastic half term break and managed to make the most of the weather despite not being able to go on holiday. As usual, it has been a pleasure to receive so many emails and photographs of the activities you have been involved in at home.

First of all, we’d like to wish a Happy 9th Birthday to Michael and Nikki. We hope you managed to celebrate in style despite the lockdown. A huge well done to those of you who are continuing your learning at home,  including those who completed this week’s writing task. There have been some fascinating reports written and illustrated about favourite and imaginary animals. It is also great to see some of you helping out with jobs at home like washing the car, doing some DIY and helping with the gardening. There have also been some lovely arts and crafts going on and lots of fun activities in your gardens and local countryside. Of course, this time of year is perfect for you to appreciate nature,  and it is wonderful to see that some of you have been taking care of your own caterpillars and spotting newly fledged baby birds.

For those of you who will be coming back into school next week, we look forward to seeing you again, and those of you who will be at home, please keep your emails and photos coming in to us at [email protected]

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