Year 3 Home Learning – Week 11

As we approach another weekend, we are excited to share again all of the things you have been getting up to. We have been blown away by the number of you who have thrown yourselves in to the writing task and have been extremely pleased to hear that you enjoyed researching your famous person – Andy Murray, Dove Cameron, Stan Lee, Bob Ross, Emmeline Pankhurst and Julia Donaldson, to name a few. We have learned a lot from your biographies.  A number of you have completed additional reading, writing and maths tasks as well – a letter from the Prime Minister, retelling The Iron Man story, completing reading comprehensions and practising your times tables. It’s great to see people relaxing with a book as well.

Other activities you have shared with us include enjoying the outdoors (riding on a scooter, stopping to see horses and swans, playing in the paddling pool), reaping the benefits of the plants you planted (someone enjoyed a few strawberries),  creating lego models, designing and making a vehicle out of cardboard boxes, exploring the skies using a telescope, having fun learning new card games and persevering with a very large jigsaw.

We have also had a birthday in Year 3 this week – we hope you had a fabulous day filled with fun! The cake certainly looks delicious.

As we prepare for the reopening of school,  an English, Reading and Maths post will be added to the website on Monday morning. This is to allow all of you continuing to work from home to access the same learning and activities as the few in school. Keep an eye out as well for the new topic ideas too and don’t forget there’s always TT Rockstars and Purple Mash.

We hope to see you all again soon, but in the meantime, remember to send in any photos that you think will make us smile.

Stay safe


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