Year 6 Weekly Writing Task – 1/6/20

Task – Read All About It! Newspaper Report

I am sure that you have all been watching the news and finding out information from the government’s daily briefing. This week, your challenge is to write a newspaper article. You can decide what you want the article to be about. It might be a real event; it could be linked to the current coronavirus situation; it might be something that you are interested in; it could be about something you have done; or, it might be about a made up event. It is a chance for you to be creative.

What I’m Looking For:

-Create an interesting and exciting headline.

-Write an orientation that answers the 5 Ws? (Who, what, where, when and why.)

-Include quotes from people involved in the story.

-Use parenthesis to add extra information in your sentences. In newspaper articles, this is usually done using commas.

Grammar Focus

Use correct punctuation for direct and indirect/reported speech speech.

Resources to Help

Example Text

Features Checklist

Planning Guide

Direct and Indirect Speech


Writing Template

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