Year 5 Writing Task – 01/06/20

Task – Balanced Argument

This week, your writing challenge is to write a balanced argument about whether families should visit the beach during lockdown. As restrictions of lockdown reduced a little, many people have taken the opportunity to visit our beautiful coastline. Whilst some think this is perfectly acceptable and good for you, others believe this has been dangerous and shouldn’t have been allowed. Write your argument with an introduction, two paragraphs for visiting the beach and two against visiting the beach  finishing with a brief concluding paragraph.

Please email your finished description to us at [email protected] We would love to read them.

What I’m Looking For:

· an opening paragraph that introduces the argument

· evidence used to support different views

· a range of formal and technical language included

· a concluding paragraph that sums the argument up

Grammar Focus

· Use a range causal conjunctions and adverbials

Resources to Help

Should Homework be Banned Activity Sheet

Balanced Argument Checklist

Balanced Argument Writing Sheet

For and Against Planning Sheet


Useful Words and Phrases


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