Year 4 Weekly Writing Task – 01/06/2020

Task – Writing a non-chronological report

Write a fascinating and informative non-chronological report about one of your favourite animals. You can research interesting facts about your chosen animal, or even create your own imaginary animal – the more unusual it is , the more interesting it will be for us to read.

What I’m Looking For:

· Introductory paragraph – a brief overview of the animal you are writing about. Make this as interesting as possible to grab the reader’s attention.

· Paragraphs to group and organise facts – describe their features, where they live, what they eat and any other fascinating facts.

· Sub-headings for each paragraph – make sure they show the content of the paragraph in a clear and simple way.

· Pictures and labelled diagrams to support your facts.

Grammar Focus

· Complex and compound sentences – expand your sentences using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to add lots of detail and description.

Resources to help

Writing a Non-Chronological Report PowerPoint

Features and printable templates

Example reports

Subordinating conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions

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