Year 2 Weekly Writing Task – 01/06/2020

Task – Poetry

With all this fantastic sunshine we’ve been having, we thought we’d use it to inspire our writing this week. Your task is to create an acrostic poem about summer or something to do with the sun! We’ve included some templates which might inspire you to choose your vertical word (but feel free to chose one of your own!). Remember, not all poems rhyme, so it is your choice whether you’d like the end of your lines to rhyme or not! Make sure to look through the PowerPoint as it explains the rules of acrostic poetry and lots of examples.

What I’m Looking For:

  • A summer themed word down the side (vertically)
  • Lines that are all to do with your chosen word
  • Optional: Rhyming
  • Neat handwriting

Grammar Focus:

  • Expanded noun phrases (lots of adjectives to describe!)

Resources to help:

Acrostic Video

Acrostic Poetry PowerPoint

Seaside Acrostic Example

Seaside Rhyming Example

Summer Ryming Words Plan

Seaside Rhyming Words Plan

Summer Acrostic Poem Templates

Seaside Acrostic Poem Template

Summer Acrostic Poem Template

Rhyming Dictionary

What is an Expanded Noun Phrase?

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