Year 1 Weekly Writing Task – 01/06/2020

Task – Sun Safety

This week, the weather has been very hot and sunny. You can have lots of fun in the sun, but it is very important to stay safe. Read Sammy Seagulls Sun Safety Story. In the beach bag template, draw and label all the things you would need to stay safe in the sun. Then, choose one of the items you have drawn and write a sentence to explain why it is important.

You can either print off the sheet (In My Beach Bag Writing Activity) or, if you do not have access to a printer, you can draw your own beach bag and write a sentence underneath on a piece of paper.

What I’m Looking For:

  • 3 pictures
  • 3 labels
  • Use the word mat

Grammar Focus

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops

Resources to help

Sammy Seagulls Summer Safety Story

In My Beach Bag Writing Activity

In My Beach Bag Writing Activity Example

Sun Safety Word Mat

Year 1 Common Exception Words

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