Year 6 Home Learning – Week 9

Another week of home learning completed and it is brilliant to see so many of you engaging in the writing tasks that have been set. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your setting descriptions and some were incredibly eerie when describing abandoned and empty places. It is also lovely to hear about some of the books that you have been reading at home – check out the review of  ‘The Hunger Games’ which is an excellent book and movie and has inspired one person to make their own bow and arrow. It would have been our annual ‘Food Fair’ this week and I know that some of you were looking forward to this and are planning on having your own version of this at home; send us pictures of the nicest dishes you have created.

It was lovely to see some photos of you enjoying time with your pets – Mr Allen and Mrs Galvin are really enjoying getting to take their dogs on long, daily walks. Please send in more photos and we will create our own little ‘Pet’s Corner’ post. Additionally, we would like to hear some of your best jokes over the next week too!

Just a reminder that next week is half term (can you belive that’s the first half of the Summer gone) so there won’t be a writing post or mathletics set this week. You can still use Reading Plus and Mathletics and please share anything that you have done with us at home. There will be a TT Rockstars battle set up between the classes too, so let’s see who can rack up those tables points! Enjoy your week, take a break from your home schooling and above all stay safe.

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