Feel Good Friday – Time with our Children

There are many aspects of being in lockdown that can be seen as worrying, difficult and challenging.  Being with our loved ones 24/7 will have tested everyone’s patience, at various times.  However, this has also been a time when parents and carers have had the opportunity to spend a greater amount of quality time with their children, in lots of different ways.

Over the last two months, there have been opportunities to exercise together, read regularly, collaborate on school activities, create art, dance and play games.  There has also been a greater amount of time to do everyday activities such as cooking and baking, household chores, watching TV and eating together.  Without the rush of having to be somewhere else at a particular time, adults have been been able to slow down a little and get to know the children in their families a little better through this regular engagement.

The decision to be a parent is probably the most important decision we can make.  When we do become parents we can have lots of wonderful aims and ideas about what we intend to do when they first enter the world.  However, as we soon find out, life can get in the way and before we know it, we are taking our little ones to their first day in Reception.; we then blink and they are leaving for secondary school.  Childhood can go by far too quickly and, as parents, we don’t always appreciate the time we have with them at each stage.  Hopefully, some good has come from the lockdown and parents/carers have found that they have seen their sons and daughters in a new light and been able to just enjoy them for who they are.

With an understanding that everyone was an innocent child at some point, our half term quiz could be seen as clear evidence of this.  We have sourced some old photographs (some older than others!) of staff as they were in their infancy and the question is: Who is who?  Results will be released in a week’s time on Friday 29th May but before then, have fun!

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