Year 6 Writing Task – 18/5/20

Task – Descriptive Setting

This week, your challenge is to write two contrasting, descriptive settings. During lock down, many places that would normally be busy, have been quiet and empty. We would like you to choose a setting and describe it when there is nobody there and also when it is full and brimming with life. This could be a football stadium, fairground, shopping centre, concert hall, stables, beach, or anywhere that you choose.

What I’m Looking For:

-Using different senses to make your description interesting.

-Using similes, metaphors, personification and choosing words for effect in your writing.

-Using a range of sentences. Longer sentences to be descriptive and short sentences for impact and effect.

-Use a range of subordinating conjunctions to link ideas.

Grammar Focus

Use a range of subordinating conjunctions to link ideas. Use commas if the sentence starts with the subordinating conjunction.

Resources to Help

Setting Word Mat

Setting Checklist

Subordinating Conjunctions

Figurative Language


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