Year 4 Weekly Writing Task – 18/05/20

Task – Newspaper Report

Write a  fake newspaper report on something that has happened whilst you have been off – however I would like you to make it bigger and better and most probably fake!  Feel free to bring in some extra characters, events, add some fun things to it or exaggerate.  For example, maybe you are reporting on your trip to the supermarket, but it was attacked by giant flying saucers and witnesses saw them attacking and landing in the carpark.  Maybe you were going for your daily walk, when Superman flew past and came to rescue someone who was trapped or in trouble.   Make them as interesting as possible – add some pictures, make it dramatic, exciting, silly or thrilling.

Follow this link to a BBC Bitesize page about newspapers:

Below you will find; a PowerPoint to remind you about some of the features of newspapers, some examples of newspaper articles, a word mat for newspaper vocabulary and fronted adverbials to make your sentence starters exciting, and a writing template for you to use.  Also, at the end, there is checklist that you can use to see if you hit all the targets.

Please email your finished description to us at [email protected]. We would love to read them.

What I’m Looking For:

· an exciting, griping headline

· fronted adverbials with a comma

· a range of sentence types using conjunctions to extend some, links between sentences and short sentences for impact.

· detailed descriptions so that the reader gets a good image in their head of the scene

Grammar Focus

· Fronted adverbials to ensure sentence openers are interesting and varied, along with a comma on each one – a Year 4 target

Newspaper powerpoint

Lottery Win newspaper article example

Roman Coin newspaper article example

Newspaper Writing Template

Fronted Adverbials word mat

Word Mat

I Can Checklist

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