Year 3 Weekly Writing Task- 18/05/2020

Task- Informal letter

You have won a dream holiday in the magical world of Story Land. You will stay in the Gingerbread Cottage and Mrs Witch will be your hostess (see Fairy Tale Holiday letter) Too good to be true? Think about what your holiday will be like. Will Mrs Witch be welcoming? Why? Think about what it would really be like to stay with her (use the Holiday description sheet to generate ideas)

Write an informal letter to your friend, telling them all about your holiday. Use the Informal letter plan and letter example to help you.

What I’m Looking for:

  • features of a letter
  • introductory paragraph- explain why you are writing
  • a chatty, informal style
  • a conclusion- ask for a reply

Grammar Focus

  • Adverbs- give us more information about a verb, explaining how, when, where or why an action is taking place (see adverb word mat)

Resources to help

Fairy Tale Holiday Letter

Holiday description

Informal Letter Example

Informal letter plan

Adverb word mat

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