Year 2 Weekly Writing Task – 18/05/2020

This week, your writing task will be based on something that you have made/baked/created. Remember you can write this in one sitting or over the course of the week -whichever works best for you! Email us your finished piece to [email protected]

Task – Instructions

This week, you are going to write a set of instructions based on something you have done. This could be a recipe for something you have baked or instructions for something you have made/built, such as a lego or junk modelling creation.

What I’m Looking For:

  • A title
  • A sentence explaining what your instructions will make
  • What you will need (equipment)
  • Method (clear steps how to make it)
  • Numbers/bullet points
  • Imperative verbs (bossy verbs)

Grammar Focus:

  • Time conjunctions (first, next, then, after)

Resources to help:

Instructions Example

Instructions Word Mat

Instructions template

Instructions PowerPoint

Imperative Verbs Word Mat

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