Year 5 Home Learning – Week 8

Well, another week has flown by, and yet again we’ve been inundated with lots of fantastic pictures, comments and stories from your time at home. We’re still missing you, but you’re all inspiring us with your amazing ideas of ways to keep busy; there’s a lot we think we might try out too! Please keep sending us your photos ([email protected]) – it makes our day seeing your smiling faces popping up in our inbox!

We’ve also been very impressed with your writing submissions, as well as your progress on Reading Plus, Mathletics and TimesTableRockstars. We’re very proud of your hard work! There’s going to be a Rock Battle starting on Monday at 9am, so make sure you’re ready to prove which class are the true Rock Stars!

It looks as though the weather for the next week is set to be lovely, so although the lockdown measures may have been slightly relaxed, please make sure you’re all still staying safe! Time outside is very important, and we love hearing stories of your bike rides, daily walks and exploration in the sunshine, but please remember to wash your hands too!

This week, Miss Alexander has taken her daily walks to a whole new level, and has managed almost 10km a day through Jesmond Dene! She particularly enjoyed the range of dogs she saw on her walk, with a highlight being a man who had five golden retrievers! There is a photo below, but good luck spotting her – her photographer took social distancing VERY seriously! Mrs Jennings has been practising for her imaginary application to MasterChef; she has produced some delicious meals for her family. The firm favourite was the tortilla bake, which was a recipe she got from Mrs Old. Although it took two hours to cook and only ten minutes to eat, it was definitely time well spent! Mrs Dale has been doing what all of your parents are doing: helping her children with their school work! Remember, this can be a very difficult and draining time for everyone, so please be kind and helpful to each other (especially your parents or carers!).

Look out for a website post on Monday morning with a new writing challenge – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Stay safe, keep smiling, and keep washing your hands! We’ll see you soon.

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It's lovely hearing what the teachers have also been upto in the week. My daughter has enjoyed reading about their time and seeing the photos. Thankyou.

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