Year 4 Home Learning- Week 8

We have come to the end of another week of home learning and we are so proud to see and hear how hard you are all still working- well done! It is a real treat for us to hear from you all and we love the pictures and stories that you share with us- please keep sending them to us at – year [email protected].

From your e mails, we know that you are continuing to work hard on Reading Plus, Mathletics and TTRockstars. We have also had some fabulous character descriptions sent to us based on our writing task this week that included some expanded noun phrases and carefully selected vocabulary. Look out for our new writing challenge on Monday morning.

It is clear that you also have some fabulous ideas for other activities too. This week,  we have seen dinosaur making, painting, colouring in, cooking Chinese food (It looks delicious!), boat making, cycle rides, playing football, research, and playing board games!

Your teachers have been very busy too! Mrs Blinkhorn has baking banana bread and making a 3D version of the River Ganges with her daughter using papier maché. Mrs Old has been enjoying long walks with her family. Mr Hollingworth has finished watching  the box set of Harry Potter films (again) and has helped keep his local area clean and tidy by picking up litter.

We are looking forward to seeing what you do next week. Remember to stay safe, keep smiling and have fun.

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