Year 3 Home Learning – Week 8

As the lovely weather continues, it’s pleasing to see many of you still enjoying your daily exercise and making the most of the sunshine. We know from all of your wonderful photographs that there were lots of VE Day celebrations to end last week and want to say well done to those of you who completed the writing task and designed a poster to invite others to celebrate at your party. They were very eye-catching and included lots of fun ideas – huge Jenga, dancing, singing, street bingo and puppet shows.


It’s great to see you have also been making the most of family time – playing games such as monopoly and chess and spending time together in the kitchen creating delicious meals. One of you even did some research to find out where some of your food comes from!


The creativity continues – this week we have origami, outdoor art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and wet felting. We have also enjoyed reading diary entries and fact files. Someone even had a go at the Year 5 writing task (writing a letter of complaint) and did a great job.


Please remember to keep sending in your photographs, we really do enjoy seeing them. If you like, you could even do what someone has started doing and create your own PowerPoint presentations. Take a look at the ones below.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

AH – 04.05.20

AH – 11.05.20

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