EYFS Home Learning – Week 8

Well we have now reached the end of week 8 of our home learning!  It is amazing to see the continued enthusiasm you have shown for home learning and all of the wonderful activities  you have been doing together as families.  We are so proud of your efforts and we know that your support will be of great benefit to your child’s learning and development.  It is true that despite most children remaining at home during the lock down, children’s learning has not stood still, but most definitely continued, although this is not always the type of learning that is experienced in school or is typically measured or assessed. It is worth remembering that ‘the education of even a small child does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.’ ( Maria Montessori).  In the photos and Tapestry’s that you have been sending us it is clear that many children have been developing many life skills this week, such as, cooking, exploring the natural environment, sharing books and engaging in quality adult interactions while playing games and learning new things.

The staff in EYFS have also been busy developing their skills this week too.  Miss Heron has been learning some gymnastics tricks in her garden and Miss Bradshaw rode a bike for the first time in many years, luckily there have been no injuries reported yet!  Mrs Anderson and Mrs Cunningham have been learning about gardening and  Mrs Anderson visited the garden centre today for some new plants.  Miss Hawley learnt hairdressing skills cutting her partners hair and has learned to make homemade pizza dough.  They have all also enjoyed looking at the great photos you have been sending in.

Dont forget that on Monday we will have a new story for you to read with lots of fun home learning activities to go with it.

Have a lovely weekend and take care From all of the EYFS staff.  x

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