Year 6 Writing Task – 11/05/2020

Task – Non-chronological report

This week, we thought it would be interesting for you to write about one of your interests. Choose a subject that you know a lot about, or one you would like to research, and then write a non-chronological report about it. If Mr Allen was doing this, he might write a report about tigers as they are his favourite animal.

What I’m Looking For:

· Introductory paragraph – classify what the subject of the report is

· Clear paragraphs with sub-headings about different elements of your chosen topic

· The use of a list with a colon and semi-colons

· Use of technical language specific to the subject that you are writing about

Grammar Focus

· The use of colons and semi-colons within a list. Remember, you need a main clause before the colon.

Resources to Help

Report Features

Writing Guides

Colons in lists information

Lots of report examples by children

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