Year 4 Weekly Writing Task- 11/05/20

Task – Character Description

Write a  detailed description of a character from your favourite story book. It could be Willy Wonka, Mildred Hubble (Worst Witch), Harry Potter or even Hiccup or Henry Finch from our English stories! There is an example of a description of a very well-known book character below for you to read. Please e mail your finished description to us at [email protected]. We would love to read them.

What I’m Looking For:

· ambitious vocabulary

· fronted adverbials

· a range of sentence types

· a description of the character’s appearance, personality, their movement and speech

Grammar Focus

· Expanded noun phrases using adjectives and prepositional phrases to modify the description of the noun (Use Powerpoint and Word mat below to help)

Resources to help

Expanded noun phrases Powerpoint

Expanded noun phrases word mat

Adjectives word mat

Fronted adverbial word mat

The Gruffalo – character description example

Character Description Checklist

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