Year 2 Weekly Writing Task – 11/05/2020

During World Book Day this year, we read Aliens Love Underpants. So this week’s writing task is all about space and aliens!

Remember your writing can be done over the course of a few days, or in one sitting – it’s up to you! We will include some help and an example of the writing we are looking for on here to get you started. Send the finished product over to [email protected] for your teachers to read. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Task – Story Writing

This week, your task is to write a story all about space! Remember there must be a problem that needs to be solved.

Use the planning sheet to plan your space story into five paragraphs before starting.

(Your paragraphs don’t need to be too long, so your story should be around an A4 sheet long).

What I’m Looking For

  • 5 paragraphs:
    • Description of your main character (this could be an astronaut or an alien)
    • Description of the setting (this could be a planet or spaceship)
    • A problem your main character has
    • How your main character solves the problem
    • Ending

Grammar Focus

  • Conjunctions (and, but, or, because, when, if)

Resources to help:

Aliens love Underpants Story:

Space Story Word Mat

Space Word Mat


Plan -Example

Space Story -Example

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