Government Announcement – 10/05/2020

I’m sure most of the nation watched the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday evening wanting to understand the next steps that were to be implemented to support the country in the battle against COVID-19 whilst attempting to move forward as a society.

From an education perspective, it was announced that there was an aim to begin opening primary schools from the beginning of June for specified year group – Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – if the conditions allow it.

School leaders have received this information at the same time as everyone else and we will now work with the Local Authority to map out what this will look like.  I will be attending a meeting, with a selection of other Head Teachers and Local Authority representatives, tomorrow morning to start on this process.

At the moment we do not have any answers for the many questions we understand that families are likely to have.  We are sorry about this and share your frustrations.  However, please be assured, that the role of my leadership team will be to spend the next three weeks planning and preparing whilst providing parents/carers with the information they need, as quickly as possible.

Any decisions that are made and systems implemented, will be based on ensuring that the school site is as safe as possible for all those who access it.  Although we wish to be open to the children, we do not want to undo all that you have done to tackle the virus through the sacrifices you have made over the last two months.

Please remind your children that we are looking forward to seeing them again safe and well, when the time is right.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Stay safe,

Mr Malik

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Thankyou so much, yous are doing a fab job in informing us of everything happening and we really appreciate it.

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