Year 4 Home Learning – Week 7

Even though it has now been your seventh week at home, you are all still keeping yourselves busy with so many different and interesting activities. It is fantastic to still be receiving so many emails and photographs where you all look so happy and are enjoying this time with your families.

We have seen such a variety of activities this week. Many of you have been helping out in the kitchen by preparing a pork dinner, making crispy cakes and creating your own pizzas. The continuing good weather has meant that you have been able to go out for walks and even some pond dipping for tadpoles! There has been some amazing creative work – sewing of dolls clothes, preparing a time capsule, a dinosaur head made from bottles and masking tape, a sun-safety poster, paper chains and had prints, a drawing of a tadpole and a picture of a tree in spring. Some of you have also been very imaginative with your entertainment ideas – taking part in a Zoom talent show and going on a treasure hunt. We’ve even had a birthday visit by six police cars with their lights flashing!

It has also been great to see many of you continuing your learning online, as well as setting your own tasks for science and writing. Well done to those of you who completed the writing task from the website.

We can’t wait to see what you will be doing next week. Stay safe and have fun!

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