Feel Good Friday – #DANCEUNITE

Dance has a significant part to play in improving the health and well-being of us all.  Dance combines healthy physical activity, the engagement of the creative spirit, the promotion of emotional expression and encourages social interaction.  In recent history, has there been a time when this has been needed more?

Although many of us can be a little embarrassed about dancing in front of others, especially as adults, this doesn’t stop us from busting out a few cheeky moves in the privacy of our own homes in front of our families even if that is simply a little shimmy from the living room to the kitchen (I’m really hoping that I’m not alone in that!).  Dancing expresses how we are feeling and often that can lead to us being happier and more confident as well having a sense of joy.  This is evident when you constantly see people smiling, both those who are performing and those who are watching.  Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and I’m sure that there will be footage and recounts shown on TV of how, on this date in 1945, people danced in the streets in delight at the news that the war in Europe was over and that their lives would start to return to normal.

The week coming up would have been a time when Gateshead schools would have demonstrated the power of dance through its festival.  Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, the dance festival has been cancelled.  However, the Gateshead Schools Sports Partnership are determined that the national lockdown will not impact on the chance for our community to come together through the medium of dance and, consequently, they have set up #DANCEUNITE.

Basically, next week, schools across Gateshead will be encouraging their children and communities to get on board and learn a dance which will then be performed on Friday 15th May at the same time for everyone.  Through social media we will share pictures and videos so we can all see how we are united even more during this challenging period.

To find out exactly how this will work, listen to Matt (the host of the Gateshead Schools Dance festival) in the video below who will give all the details you need.  This will be followed by other videos which will provide the music and, from next week, the moves (click here to be taken directly to YouTube).

Good luck and keeeeppp dancing!

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