Year 6 Weekly Writing Task – 04/05/2020

Task – Persuasive Writing

Remember when we did our Churchill speeches? For this task, you are going to write a speech for Boris Johnson to persuade people to help during the Corona crisis. You could talk to NHS staff to ask them to go to the front line; parents to help home-school children and children to stay at home and be safe.

We have included a couple of examples of your Churchill speeches to remind you.

What I’m Looking For:

· Introductory paragraph – explain why you are writing

· Each paragraph addresses a different group in society (3 paragraphs)

· Use of persuasive devices – particularly repetition and emotive language

· Key sentence starters and vocabulary to structure writing

Grammar Focus

· Parenthesis to add extra information to sentences using brackets, dashes or commas.

Resources to Help

Useful vocabulary mat

Persuasive devices you can use in your writing

Persuasive writing checklist

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