Year 5 Home Learning – Week 6

What a milestone: six whole weeks of home learning! The Year 5 team are incredibly proud of all of you, and we’re missing you very much; we can’t wait to see you (hopefully!) soon. We’ve loved seeing all of the photos you and your parents/carers are sending in, please keep it up ([email protected]). It’s fantastic to see what a range of activities you’ve all been taking part in and the skills you’re developing. I think we’ll have a year group of chefs, bakers and professional athletes by the time we get back to school!

We’re also pleased with the work you’re all putting in on Mathletics, Reading Plus and TT Rockstars – keep it up! There’s a Rock Battle between Year 5 and 6 which ends at 3:20 this afternoon (and between us, Year 5 are currently winning with over twice the points Year 6 have!) so make sure you keep taking part!

Miss Alexander and Mrs Jennings have enjoyed getting in touch and having a bit of a catch up with you. If we haven’t rang yet, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! We’ll get in contact soon.

This week has been a busy one for the Year 5 staff. Miss Alexander has spent a shameful amount of time painting her nails, and she’s so proud of the result, there’s a photo below! She’s now contemplating setting up a business giving manicures through people’s letterboxes! She also produced a batch of sausage rolls, with a recipe she got from Miss Bull, who got it from Mrs Forbes! The results are definitely edible, although they don’t live up to Mrs Forbes’s! Miss Alexander has also shared the recipe with Mrs Dale, and is looking forward to seeing the results!

Mrs Jennings has spent the week preparing for her daughter’s birthday, which falls this weekend. She, like a lot of you, has undertaken some intensive baking, and we bet the results are delicious! During her day in school this week, Miss Rowe taught Mrs Jennings how to feed the chickens, and she even went as far as picking one up!

Finally, we have a budding architect on the team: Mrs Dale has spent her week constructing various Lego masterpieces! She’s very proud of her handiwork, and even prouder that she had no help from her children! She did have help from her children, however, during the learning of a range of Tik Tok dances – the Dale family will be famous before we know it!

There will be a special website post on Monday about a writing project we’d like you to to complete, so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay safe and keep smiling; we can’t wait to see you all (happy and healthy) as soon as it’s safe.


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