Year 4 Home Learning – Week 6

Already 2 weeks in to the new term and 6 weeks since we closed.

It has been a really busy week and we’ve had dozens of emails and made calls to lots of you at home and it continues to be lovely to hear what you have been up to.  There is a clear focus on home learning since we came back after Easter which is great.

Remember – Reading Plus and Mathletics every day for 10-15 minutes each, then you can dip in and out of the Topic work we sent home – found here

TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS – there is a Battle starting at 9am on Saturday morning, until 9am on Friday morning between 4A and 4B so try and get on and score some points for your class!  We will report the winning team next Friday.

WRITING – On Monday mornings now around 930am, we will also share with you a writing activity here on the website that you can do at home that week.  We have really enjoyed seeing your instructions for your sandwiches – some that sound nicer to eat than others – so to give you some ideas on things you could write about at home, we will share a weekly focus for you.  Again, all the work we share is flexible and you might find you do more some days than others, and of course find your own ways of learning at home; measuring, cooking, planting, walking, helping around the house etc.

Lots of you are accessing the BBC Bitesize lessons which is great and also the White Rose Maths home learning ideas too – again you can dip in and out of these during the week as they stay online for the week.  (Content hasn’t been checked by us – any questions about home learning, send us a quick email, below.)

We have attached lots of the pictures you sent in – remember to email your teacher at [email protected] with your work, and also any questions or queries you might have too – there is someone online every day that can help.

We would also like to extend our thanks to parents and carers and anyone providing home learning at the moment.  It is easy to put pressure on yourself to teach and worry about what you are doing – but we don’t want you to worry about that – you are doing an amazing job.  Homes are intense at the moment so go with the flow – there will be ups and downs and we have provided lots of things that you can do during the week but you will of course be able to flex these and change and adapt as you go!

Mr Hollingworth this week has enjoyed listening to all the cows that are back in the fields behind his house, that insist on moooing very loud from about 4am – daily, some bike rides and walks and running evening quizzes online.  Mrs Blinkhorn has enjoyed the taste of Italy at home this week – recreating Italian night with pizza, music and of course Cornettos.  Mrs Old has had her chicken training from Miss Rowe – learning how to get the chickens back in their coop, feed, water and pick them up!

Missing you all!

Stay safe, wash hands and have a great weekend!


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