Year 3 Home Learning – Week 6

Well, we have made it to the end of April!

It has been lovely to speak to the rest of you on the phone this week and we are glad to hear you are all keeping safe and keeping busy. We enjoyed listening to your stories about den building, gardening, looking after animals, cheering for the NHS and the many other things you have been getting up to. It is wonderful to hear that you are keeping in touch with each other as well.  Thank you to those who are also sending in their photographs to the year group email – [email protected] – we really enjoy looking at these. This week, there has been a real focus on learning different languages – German, French, Spanish and Italian. We have had great fun having a go at this ourselves using your posters and presentations to help us.

Mrs Morris has been out in her garden this week and has planted some sunflowers with her kids and Miss Ledger has been keeping in touch with relatives, having lots of fun with family quiz nights.

We have been delighted to give out so many rewards on Reading Plus and to hear that many of you are reading your own books at home too! On Monday, we will share a writing challenge here on the website and we will also set new activities on Mathletics. Speaking to you, many are keen to play on Rockstars, so we have created a new battle which will begin Monday morning at 9am – 3A versus 3B!

Stay safe and keep us posted.

Article 19 – We all have the right to be looked after and kept safe

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