Year 5 Home Learning – Week 5

It has been great to see the year 5 children getting back into their school work. Well done to all the children who have been working hard with Reading Plus, Mathletics and TT Rockstars. As usual, in addition to English and maths activities the children have completed a range of creative activities. The year 5 team enjoy receiving your photos. This week, it has been lovely to see many of the children completing activities outside.  A few of the wonderful things the children have shared include outdoor sports, walks and an obstacle course with dogs, flower picking and painting, toasting marshmallows on a campfire and lots of art and crafts and baking.

Mrs Jennings and Miss Alexander have begun to make phone calls with the year 5 families and have both enjoyed chatting to children and parents. We will continue with this next week and look forward to hearing what you’re all up to.

As well as completing work for school, Mrs Jennings and Miss Alexander are enjoying being at home with their loved ones as is Mrs Dale. They are all keeping busy! Mrs Dale and Mrs Jennings are both trying to keep up with home-schooling their children. Hairdressing has occurred in Miss Alexander’s and Mrs Jennings’s houses. Miss Alexander has cut  her partner’s hair and Mr Jennings has dyed Mrs Jennings’s hair and shaved their sons! Everyone was pleased with the results so it appears we don’t need hairdressers or barbers any longer. Mrs Dale and her family have also taken some time to make some cards for isolated relatives, a lovely Idea.

All of the year 5 team are spending lots of time cooking and baking. With this in mind, we would like you to write recipes or instructions for baked goods and meals you have been having during this period. Try to make these as detailed as possible so we can give some of them a try. You might also want to email us some picture to accompany the recipes/instructions.

Please continue to share your learning at home with us. Continue to email your wonderful photographs to [email protected]

Stay safe and keep smiling.

Mrs Jennings, Miss Alexander and Mrs Dale

Article 19- We all have the right to be looked after and kept safe.

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