Year 4 Home Learning – Week 5

This week, we have loved seeing how you are all still keeping busy at home with your families. As always, you have come up with some amazing ideas and activities that you have shared with us: origami flowers, artwork, posters, sewing, baking and even helping grown-ups with DIY. We were thrilled to receive a picture from a pupil with his gorgeous, new baby sister- congratulations!  In addition,  we have been especially proud to hear about a boy and his family completing a 13.1 mile walk in their house in order to raise money for the fabulous NHS- well done for such a fantastic idea and achievement!

We are sure that you have all had some fun in the sun too- we certainly have. Mrs Blinkhorn has been enjoying Swingball tournaments with her daughters, Mr Hollingworth has been doing some gardening and Mrs Old has been practising football skills with her son.

During the week, we have begun to phone your homes and we have had a fantastic time speaking to your parents – and especially you.   It has been lovely to talk to everyone and hear more about the things that you have been doing and learning. We will be continuing to make our calls over the coming days so that we have the opportunity to speak to every family in each of our classes.

Over the next week, we want to hear all about your favourite or most unusual sandwich you could make at home!  If you are lucky, we might even try a few.  This week, write us some instructions for how to make your amazing sandwich.  Make sure it contains clear steps, lots of detail and make it sound as delicious as possible.  Some drawings or pictures would be good too!!  Send us a photograph if you manage to make them and a picture of your instructions too.  We can’t wait – we are very hungry.

As usual, we are checking on your progress on Mathletics, Reading Plus and TT Rockstars too. Next week, there will be some new tasks to complete on them and there is also the summer topic web on the website too.

Follow this link:

We would still like to see how you are spending your time and how you have continued your learning at home, so please keep emailing us your amazing photographs ([email protected]). We will make sure to update you with another website post next week!

We’re looking forward to seeing your happy, smiling faces soon!

Article 19- We all have the right to be looked after and kept safe.

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