Feel Good Friday – #HarlowAllStars

As we come to the end of the Easter “holiday” – and a month of school closure – we have had the opportunity to reflect on what this has meant for us as a school community, at this stage.

We now know that the lockdown will continue for at least another three weeks and that will take us close to the May half term.  For us, as school staff, that would mean it will have been around 7 weeks without working with the children and, mostly, without even seeing them.

This time has further demonstrated how much we love our jobs and working with children of our community.  Of course, the challenge of supporting children to make progress is always there but meeting that challenge on a daily basis is why we do the job we do.  Supporting progress is not necessarily in meeting the national requirements in maths and English, but helping children develop a range of knowledge, skills and understanding about the world around them and about them as individuals.  This necessity of this wider learning has been emphasised further during our current position.

The daily interaction with the children of Harlow Green is an amazing privilege which has been interrupted but which we are greatly looking forward to re-establishing.  When we think about how we normally see children walking through the doors on a morning with smiles on their faces (most of the time!) and with an openness to learn, matched by a wish to interact with their friends and adults, it reminds us how much they give us in return.

Over the last few weeks, we have created the opportunity for the community to share what is happening, both in school and at children’s homes, which has been as much for us as it has been for the children who are isolating.  It has been wonderful to see all the different activities that children have engaged in and the quality time they have spent with their families.  Although this is not the context in which we would have wanted, the situation has allowed us all to re-evaluate what we believe is important in our lives and focus on relationships – whether that be in our households, or from a distance using technology – rather than material possessions.

As a way of reminding us about what has happened over the last month and the importance of the children at the heart of it all, Mr Hollingworth has created a short video which we hope families will enjoy watching.  Our strength is in our relationships and together we will meet the challenges we currently face, especially with the support of our wonderful children.

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Well unfortunately I probably won't be coming back to Harlow green it will be grace college, but I know no matter what I will never forget about harlow green. All the memories I shared with teachers, the school, my friends and especially Mr malik! I wanted to thank Mr Malik for bringing so many good things to Harlow green helping me through a very hard time and I will never forget my little bit of time with Mr Allen, Mrs Galvin and most of all my teacher Miss Callaghan! Thankyou ???? it's just a shame I might not come back but I will visit and keep this school and all the teachers in my heart ♥️♥️ Stay safe everyone xx
Olivia S (year 6)


Thank you so much for such a lovely message; your words are so kind and express what we are all feeling about the challenge for Year 6 pupils in particular. We, as a staff, are all missing you and your classmates as much as you are missing us. I know it seems really hard at the moment thinking that your last year in school has been disrupted so badly. However, we will have to wait and see what happens because we still don’t know the decisions that could be made – there is a possibility of returning to school before the summer. If that is not the case, remember what your teachers said before we closed, we will organise a leavers assembly and a meal out even in the autumn term if we need to so that we can say bye to you all properly. We will not let the situation impact on us meeting up again!

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Malik

Lovely, glad I wasn't wearing mascara!


P says this is the best video ever, and is pleased to see the chickens at the end.

I may be crying in the corner, thank you everyone!

A lovely video to watch lovely memories. Hope to see you all again soon

This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I may have shed a tear or two. Stay safe and see you all soon.

What a lovely video to watch. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for taking the time to make this and showing how fantastic Harlow Green really is! Until we all meet again, stay safe.

Such a lovely video to watch. Thank you for making us smile. We hope to see you all again very soon.

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