Safeguarding During Closure

Safeguarding our children during this period of school closure means that the school will work in slightly different ways.  Regular contact with children is not possible for the vast majority and our ability to support on a day-today basis is restricted.  Nevertheless, the school’s main policies and procedures remain in place with some amendments to ensure effectiveness during this time.

Safeguarding Policy

Below is the amendment to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (see policies page) which has been shared with staff and governors so that all understand the school’s role in continuing to establish high levels of safety and well-being for the pupils of our community.

COVID-19 Policy Information_For Website

It is essential that any parent/carer who has any concerns about safeguarding, in relation to our children, should contact us as soon as possible via telephone or email.  If you cannot get in touch with us or if your concern is about another child in Gateshead, then you can contact the appropriate departments at the council whose contact details can be found by clicking on the link below.

Worried about a child in Gateshead?

Online Safety

Children will be spending an increased amount of time online, particularly because of work that we are setting as a school.  From a school perspective, all online activity should be supervised as well as children being supported to understand how to keep themselves safe.

To support parents/carers in this matter, we have provided a number of links to agencies that have given information and support material for both parents and children.  Please click the link below which will direct you to our Online Safety page to see what is available.

Being SMART Online


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