Easter Egg Design Challenge 2020

It would normally be this time of year when children would compete in our Easter Egg design competition and we thought, why would we let a school closure stop this from happening!

In the current context, instead of a competition, we will be having a celebration of design and creativity.  Therefore, over the Easter period, we would like families to work together to make the most interesting, fun and creative designs they can.

If families could send us a photograph of their completed models via the year group email addresses, we will then post these on the website for all to admire.  We will need any photos by Wednesday 15th April so we can create the website posts.

Of course, we will be challenging the staff to do the same!

Enjoy the process and we look forward to seeing the end results.

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When does it end?


Unfortunately, we don't know at this point when we can get back to normal but it will happen. However, until then we will keep contact through the website and in different ways after Easter. Keep working hard by doing school activities and helping at home. We would like to see some pictures of any work you may have been doing so we can get it on the website so send them through to [email protected].

Keep safe and see you soon,

Mr Malik

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