Home Learning Overview – Reminder


We will be posting our home learning information on our website to allow parents easy access to resources and instructions.

In summary, the initial set up means that children will have access to reading and maths programmes and will have a topic sheet with activity ideas.

Staff from each year group will focus their information via their year group page on the website. There will be updates weekly to keep communication ongoing.  However, most online activities provide independent development and progress and will function with the support of family members.


It is essential that children receive some structure int he day.  Structure provides consistency and reduces stress through maintaining a regular body clock.  We have provided an example structure for parents but this is meant only as guide and we are sure families will create structures which work for them.

Timetable Idea KS1

Timetable Idea KS2

Reading and maths

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3, 4, 5 & 6



Reading Plus

Mathematics Mathletics


TT Rockstars

Every child has log in details for these and will have taken them home or they will have been posted.  If you do not receive them, please contact school.

Ideally, children should access these everyday to support their basic skills otherwise they will find they will struggle with school once they return.

In relation to Reading Plus, all children in KS2 who were in school yesterday have sat a baseline assessment and can start immediately on the activity.  Those who have been absent will have to sit the assessment task which will take approximately 30 min.  The programme has clear instruction with videos and audio so this should not be difficult.

As we have just increased our subscription to Lexia, this could take up to a week to become available to all children in Year 1 and some children in Year 2.  Please keep checking this during the first week.

Topic Work

Topic plans with ideas will provide parents and children with ideas for a range of other activities which would be similar things that would have been done in school within other curriculum subjects.

These activities can be done independently but would be a lovely way of working as a family.

Year 1_Home Learning 1_Dinosaurs

Year 2_Home Learning 1_Emergency

Year 3_Home Learning 1_Water of Life

Year 4_Home Learning 1_Theres No Place Like Home

Year 5_Home Learning 1_River of Life

Year 6_Home Learning 1_Peacekeepers

Early Years

The expectations on the youngest with regard to what they can do through home learning is very different to older children.  Nursery and Reception aged children learn through their everyday experiences and particularly through play. which allows them to develop new skills in a meaningful way.  The guidance below will help families understand the types of activity they can do with their children during their normal lives which will have a huge impact on their child’s progress.  It must be emphasised that what underpins all of this is the development of communication and language as well as reading.  Please keep in touch with teachers through Tapestry who will be happy to provide further guidance.

Home Learning in EYs

Nursery_Home Learning_Little Bear and Me

Reception_Home Learning 1_All About Me

Health and Well-being

It is important that children and their families take time to focus on their health and well-being.  Children should have time to make contact with friends and family even if that is via phone calls or face-time.  People might even start writing letters to each other!

Eating healthily and exercising is extremely important as we are restricted in where we should be going.  Try to eat healthily and at regular times with children involved in understanding why this is necessary.  Get exercise outside but also in the house.  We may all be following the Joe Wicks regime at the same time on You Tube, which would be nice for children to think they and their friends are doing this together.

Staff Involvement

Staff will monitor the children’s access to the work set, on an ongoing basis, and will set tasks in some cases.  Pupils will find these set tasks when they log on.

Pupils will bring home a year group email to which photos of the exciting things that children are doing can be sent.  Teachers will access these once a week to create posts on the website so pupils can see what their classmates are involved in.

Moving Forward

Our support will evolve and we will keep everyone updated when there are changes.  However, we know that families understand this is a work in progress and that it will take a little to run smoothly.

Your support is invaluable in relation to our home learning provision and all staff are hugely grateful.

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