Year 2: Home Learning

This week has felt a little bit different for us all, but in Year 2 we have been so impressed with all the home learning pictures that have been emailed in to us. We have been excited to see you baking, exercising, colouring, gardening and so much more!

Many of you have been logging on to Lexia and Mathletics which is absolutely fantastic! We already have 8 Year 2 children with certificates for moving up a level on Lexia and 19 certificates on Mathletics. If you’re having any difficulties logging in to either of these, drop us an email! Let’s see how many we can get before our post next week!

Keep going with your learning from home activities, and we’d love to receive even more emails with pictures ([email protected]). We will create another post next week to share all of your amazing ideas for learning at home.

We hope hope you all are staying safe and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


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There are some lovely smiley faces from Year 2 this week, which Is lovely to see. Everyone seems to be keeping really busy and it's brilliant to see that children have been able to do activities in doors and out, with some better weather. It’s amazing to see families involved in cooking and gardening as well as a range of creative work. All this, as well as doing maths and reading practice, shows just how dedicated you all must be.

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