Week 1 – What have Year 4 been up to?

Well done everyone – we have seen you using Reading Plus, Times Table Rock Stars, Espresso, Mathletics and doing some amazing homework.  Plus – what a lovely week to get outside as much as you can! (Look out for our rainbow at school too if you are out (within current guidelines.)

It has been wonderful to see your pictures and get your emails and so nice to talk to you on Reading Plus.  Mrs Old, Mrs Blinkhorn and Mr Hollingworth are all well and missing everyone and the daily routine!!!!

Please remember to take your time to enjoy the day – enjoy some Joe Wicks exercise, some cooking, making lunch, counting money, telling the time and fitting in some work.  And also don’t forget – your parents and carers probably need a rest too so make sure you enjoy some quiet time yourselves or do some tidying and helping around the house.

Ideas;  How about writing your Isolation Diary?  We would like to see your thoughts when back.  What about some postcards to family members?  Some poems about your experiences etc.

We have added some new Mathletics over the weekend, we will be setting a times table battle on Monday and a new one on Wednesday – look out for them!!

We look forward to seeing your updates  – email us [email protected]

Stay safe – Mrs Old, Mr Hollingworth and Mrs Blinkhorn

Article 19 – We all have the right to be looked after and kept safe.

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I have very much enjoyed seeing what some of our Year 4 children have been up to during this first week. Although we would rather have everyone at school, the next best thing is to see all the great things our children has been involved with over the last few days. You all have an amazing range of skills which I'm sure will amaze your friends as much as your teachers!

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