Happy Home Learning

Year One have been very busy this week enjoying a range of activities at home and making the most of the sunshine. The children have been spending time in the garden planting flowers, painting and even digging for dinosaur bones. They have been creating lots of amazing things including a desk tidy, a rocket and some beautiful artwork as well as helping their adults with DIY and painting. Staying at home hasn’t stopped the children in Year One from keeping fit. They have been dancing around the living room and have even taken part in PE with Joe Wicks at 9 o’clock each morning. Lots of the children have been completing maths and writing activities at home. They have written information books, added numbers and have even enjoyed completing activities on Mathletics. It has been wonderful to see that the children are staying safe, having fun and, most importantly, smiling. We can’t wait to see what you get up to next week.

Article 31 : We all have the right to relax and play.


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I am so amazed at what Year 1 have been up to this week. School work, creative activities and being part of household tasks shows how hard you are all trying which will really help your parents.

P loved seeing all the photos of what everyone is up too, stay safe and happy everyone

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