A Rainbow of Joy

It has been great to see some sunny weather this week which has made us all feel a little lighter than we have done recently.  The issue of not being able to go out and enjoy the sun as much as we would want to is a pain of course, but remember we can all go out once a day for our daily exercise so take advantage and get some fresh air.  However, please do so safely and with your own family.

If you do choose to go out and you are passing school, hopefully, you will see our rainbow of joy now presented on the windows of the staff room on the second storey of our building.  Please be assured this is not a signal from the staff that they need help to escape!  The children who were attending school over the first part of the week painted the rainbow and others to show that we are all still connected to each other even if we have to distance ourselves for a while.

The intention originally had been that children could go round their local neighbourhoods and spot these rainbows (visit Newsround) but that has been made harder as we are all asked to limit our movement for a few weeks.  However, if you have any photographs of your rainbows that you may have made and placed in the windows of your homes, please send them in to the year group email addresses and we’ll try and get them on our website.

There’s nothing like a beautiful rainbow to remind us how wonderful our world can be.


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