Keeping Safe by Staying Away

I would like to thank parents/carers who have adapted their home arrangements in order to keep their child at home.  This has significantly reduced numbers in school and, consequently, has reduced the potential risk to the children and staff who are attending Harlow Green.  This will, inevitably, reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 within our community as every person isolating plays their part in the attempt to slow the spread and combat the pandemic.

As more shops and businesses close due to the government’s directive, we would expect more parents/carers to change their plans of bringing their children into school as they understand that best place for them is at home.  As the numbers reduce, we will adapt accordingly but ensuring that there are appropriate staff who will work with the children on activities which keep them safe and happy.

There will be changes on an ongoing basis.  For instance, today, the school meals service stated that they will only be providing packed lunches for the rest of the week rather than hot meals.  This was after we had agreed with the kitchen the day before that there would be meatball for dinner and had informed parents!  These types of things are not big issues and I appreciate that parents/carers understand that some flexibility is required until we get a little more stability.

Your consideration during this challenging time is greatly appreciated and is making our management on a daily basis, just the little but easier.

Stay safe,

Mr M. Malik

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